Our philosophy

The origin

Our great sensitivity for nature and our environment, has made us reconsider certain decisions in our projects, leading us to solutions that are more respectful towards the planet, while upholding the same demands for comfort and efficiency.

The vision

We analyze the project’s environment to take advantage of all resources available, we work with what it is already provided to us, enriching the project on several levels.

The mission

Our main objective is to give more than what is asked of us, to satisfy all of your needs and to make our constructions consume less natural resources.

Serafín Galiano / Technical architect / Urban planner

Founder of the studio with more than 30 years of experience in the sector. Master’s in landscaping, gardening, and public space together with the Passivhaus Tradesperson training.

Cristina Carpintero / Architect / Passivhaus Designer

Young architect and interior design expert with Passivhaus Designer training. A true perfectionist to the last detail and an empath with all living things, including humans.

Sera Galiano / Architect BIM

Young architect specialized in BIM language. Architecture and art enthusiast, incapable of not infusing poetry in every project.

Miba / Entertainment and motivational coach

German shepherdess with great energy available 24 h / day. Expert on finding the most comfortable spot in every room.

Our process


We seek every project to be unique and personalized; therefore we need to get closer to your way of life, your desires, and your needs. Thus, the first step will be to see each other both face-to-face and online.


We draw from all of your needs and transform them into a digital concept, we work on the idea so you can visualize it and imagine your project to the last detail.


We immerse ourselves in your project to formalize all the ideas and make the process viable. The most relevant thing is to have a projection for the future and grow with the final design.


You won’t feel helpless in the search of the construction of ideas. We will monitor the entire construction and ensure the upholding of the highest quality from the foundation to the roofing.

We firmly believe in sustainable housing

A home cannot be limited only to meet the needs of its inhabitants and, through small decisions, we can also improve its environment. A good design is the key to building constructions that have everything you would expect from your home and that, in addition, would consume less energy, produce fewer kilos of CO2 and take advantage of the closest natural resources. If it’s all perks, why not do it?

Shall we talk?

Send us a form or contact us directly. We will be happy to help. / +34 603 727 677 / +34 652 431 032

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