Art, nature & experience

We follow the steps marked by the natural course of each project

Our work philosophy focuses on understanding architecture through the eyes of those who will inhabit it and their way of living it, always from a sustainable point of view, where we get the most out of the environment that surrounds us. We seek sincerity at all times, both in the way we work with you and at the construction site.


What if there was something else?

A different way to live your project

Similar to how Alice found Wonderland through the rabbit hole, we want to take you to that hidden world that runs parallel and concealed from the client’s plain sight. Unfortunately, it cannot be explained. You must see it with your own eyes. Do you want to find out what it’s all about?



Our Values

The combination of the three concepts that surround our architecture: SUSTAINABILITY, ACTIVE VEGETATION AND PASSIVE MEASURES, allows each home to be adapted to both your needs and its environment, making the most of all the resources on hand. The main objective at all times will be to achieve the best interior comfort conditions through passive and sustainable measures that will also reduce the economic investment in the short and long term.

Efficient construction brings the project to minimum costs with maximum performance. We design through functional spaces and simplified solutions, always within comfort standards.

Thanks to knowledge of the entire ENYU team, we transform your project into a more efficient new construction. Our objective is to achieve comfort through the use of active and passive vegetation on all of our projects.

New technologies and a thought-out design make it possible to reduce the building’s daily consumption and to uphold ideal levels of interior comfort, transforming it into a more sustainable and durable construction.


La Casa Caja

La definición de las líneas eficientes que cortan el paisaje a su antojo.

Casa Alma Ahadi

El arte de la arquitectura Nazarí construye este espacio inspirado en la Alhambra.

Casa Lirio

Modernidad, sofisticación y eficiencia en un espacio privado pero abierto.

Casa del Agua

Luz y transparencia en diferentes niveles, donde la vegetación juega un papel clave.

The Process


Days active
Planted trees
Containers of "Leche rizada"


Shall we talk?

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