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Concerns about a FIRST HOME

Nothing at all. Our team can give you advice from the acquisition of the plot to the turnkey. Come and consult with us.

Everything will depend on the time you spend on the design process. If we have explored your project long enough, the construction phase can be very fast.

Our team of landscapers will find a garden that fits your lifestyle. Our specialty in active/passive vegetation makes us capable of providing a design whose final result is self-sufficient vegetation.


There is a great variety of prices in the world of self-promotion and the minimum values will depend on the place and qualities of your project. The values at the national level range from 600 to 2,900 euros per square meter of “PEM” (Material Execution Budget or Presupuesto de Ejecución Material).

The homes we consider are based on the passive house concept, which means less use of electronic equipment and a more efficient design. In most cases, the investment is less than a traditional home.

Any element of your home requires maintenance, from cleaning the floors or painting the walls with relative frequency. Vegetation requires the same attention and similar expenses.


Variations in the price of building materials take place every few months. But if we are in a time of crisis or recession, it is the perfect time to invest, since prices usually drop.

We give you advice and we design from the get-go of the process, so any moment is the right one.

No, one of the services that we offer is to help you find the ideal plot of land that’s adapted to your needs.

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