A sustainable project


It is essential to know you in depth to understand your way of life. Your home should be an extension of youself and your way of living. Even the smallest detail can make a difference.

Your needs

Being aware of what cannot be missing in your life, both in the present and in the future, means that the home must evolve with you and adapt during all its stages. There is no project that does not change.

Your home

We will analyze all of the above to design a home that’s tailored to you, which will meet all of your needs and more aspects that you probably haven’t even considered yet. We’re always looking for the highest efficiency of its components.

La casa caja

Vélez de Benaudalla, Granada / Vivienda unifamiliar en construcción / 123m2

The Box House emerges in response to 3 great demands: minimum energy expenditure, the smallest possible size to carry out all daily activities, and maximum connection with outdoor spaces.

Their lifestyle and preferences were going to make them spend many hours a day at home, so it had to be dynamic enough to adapt to their habits.

The box house

Vélez de Benaudalla, Granada / Single-family home / 123m2

Innovation marked by nature

La innovación que nos marca la naturaleza

The place is our starting point and our main concern will be to adapt everything that it offers us for our own benefit without giving up your needs. We will make the most of the local materials and the artisanal touch of the local master. Each project is unique, since the conditions that surround the site, house or building are unrepeatable.

Efficient construction brings the project to minimum costs with maximum performance. We design through functional spaces and simplified solutions, always within comfort standards.

Thanks to knowledge of the entire ENYU team, we transform your project into a more efficient new construction. Our objective is to achieve comfort through the use of active and passive vegetation on all of our projects.

New technologies and a thought-out design make it possible to reduce the building’s daily consumption and to uphold ideal levels of interior comfort, transforming it into a more sustainable and durable construction.

Vegetation as part of the project

Our work as landscapers is to choose and organize the appropriate vegetation in its most suitable place, enhancing its growth and its relationship with the rest of the environment. This way we raise awareness and promote respect for the environment while creating a synergy with the consumers. You can feel closer to nature without losing the comfort of your home, considering the vegetation from the beginning of the project as one more element. Integration is paramount, while allowing it to adapt to both the building and the needs of the user.

Shall we talk?

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