What is Active Vegetation

When we talk about Active Vegetation, we refer to nature elements that could even replace traditional construction elements.
Vegetación activa

The current demand for comfort and efficiency has made us rethink the way of designing and living. Therefore, we propose that Vegetation takes an active role in the home, and becomes part of the construction process.

What Active Vegetation is all about

When we talk about Active Vegetation, we refer to plant elements that can replace traditional construction elements without losing efficiency, becoming more sustainable and attractive.

We are going through an era of unprecedented technological development. Advances in construction materials and thermal equipment allow us to reduce economic impact and increase performance. However, new construction materials depend on a manufacturing process with a high CO2 footprint and use of unsustainable materials; which results in efficient equipment dependent on its technological components, whose durability is very short.

More sustainability through Active Vegetation

One of the many objectives of the Active Vegetation design is the use of plant material to increase energy and thermal performance. The use of harmful (either to the environment or our health) materials is reduced, all equipment is simplified, and the characteristics of each plant are enhanced to make the most of them.

Plants take a more active role, forming part of the creative and constructive process of the house, resulting in a total integration between architecture and vegetation. Projects gain in aesthetics, capable of adapting to any contemporary style, and allowing the decrease in electricity consumption, the improvement of comfort, and the reduction of the carbon footprint.

The entire process has been shaped thanks to our team’s technical knowledge and the experience of over 30 years in the field of design and execution of architectural projects.

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